Three Costly mistakes hiring managers makes during recruitment

If you are a hiring manager, there is no doubt you have at least hired someone who in turns failed to live up to the expectation. In the same way it is possible to hire someone who greatly exceed expectation. It is important to take a clear look to what have been differently in this particular case. If you’re like most employers – the process used in each case was the same! Probably you were just lucky in one case and unlucky in the other case. There is nothing more pleasing to employers than having a well committed and hardworking team.

To make a good hiring, you should try as much as possible to avoid the three common mistakes;


Mistake #1: The Company lacks a systematic, fundamentally sound approach to hiring that is used consistently.

Companies over the course of the year come up with measures to upgrade and modernized most the departments such as procurement, customer care, technical design, inventory management, finance management etc. These modernization some times do not include recruitment strategy. The same old method of running ads, shortlisting, unstructured interviews, hire remains constant.  The chance of getting the right person under this arrangement is just 14 percent. you could flip a coin and get better results!

Mistake #2: Hiring based on emotion rather than objective criteria.

Sometimes a hiring decision is based on the warm body approach. An organization requires someone to fill the gap right away. Within no time someone is hired. To get some on board is always based on two key decisions, whether or not the interviewer was impressed by the candidate. Other candidates are get hired due to their outstanding performance in the interview room.

These emotional approaches greatly reduce the probability of bring on board the best candidate for the job. Desperation to get someone fill the gap leads to many key selection procedures to be under looked. This becomes more costly in a wrong run because employees’ performance greatly affects company’s profitability. Do the right thing, follow the right procedures for better results.

Mistake #3: The position is not clearly defined and the job description is not compelling.

To attract top candidates for the position advertised, the job description must b well explained in the adverts clearly to tasks. This is done through a performance profile which must explain in details what the candidate must do to be successful. This is quite different from the traditional job description which is based on experience, skills, and education.

A non-performer can as well have right qualifications and experience for the job advertised. superior performers can do the job perfectly at a superior level! The job description must be wide enough to cover all sections and department the candidate will work in. Strong emphasis should be put on screening exercise for better results. Use the job description on specific performance objectives to improves the quality of the applicants for your position, and improves the objectivity of your screening and interviewing processes while avoiding the technical know who in the interview process.

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