Job Hunting Tips For A First-Time Job Seeker 27th October 2019 

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Any student would be proud to graduate especially after overcoming all the challenges and disappointments. Graduation is also one step towards ones dreams of getting job.

Sometimes, these joy and celebration are shot lived as the pressure to become self reliance and getting a dream job hit the graduand especially with this high level of competition in the job market.

Most graduands start searching their first jobs save for the few who secures jobs while are still at the college. These job hunting tips can help you land your dream job.

1. Sign up for volunteer work and internships

It is not easy to jump from the college directly to employment due to high rate of competition in the job market. Most jobs will require some years of experience which the new graduate may be lacking. Many people are in job search market and employers are interested in people who will live up the task. To close this skills gap, taking up any available internship or volunteering opportunity with local organisations is much important. This way, you have what is needed to convince employers that you have acquired necessary experience to carryout what is needed for a particular job. This might looks like a challenge but it the current world were skills is given priority over university certificate, volunteering or internship will be for your advantage. You never know, these internships or volunteer opportunities might results into a permanent job opportunity.

2. Network, network and network

Each person you come across leaves either positive or negative impact in your life. Learn to leave the right ones to people who are close to you. Your network is Paramount and is equal to your net worth. Let those around you know that you are open to any job opportunity. The people you associate with holds key to your success. Sign up to Kampala jobs regular job alert to keep informed of any available opportunities around you.

3. Understand your timing

Not everyone rise to the top at the same time. You should know that everyone has his own path to take and there is no need to compete with someone because your paths are different. Everyone will reach at their destination at their own time and there is no need to be frustrated if yours is taking a bit longer than you expected. Most people lose hope because their OBs, friends, peers are getting job whilemoving are moving from one place to another without success. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with your degree and there is nothing wrong with you. Milestone are hit by different people at different times. After graduation, you will all take different paths in life and achieve different things at different times, including landing your first job. Do not sweat it when 50% of your friends seem to have landed their first jobs soon after graduation while you have not. Run your race.

4. Start where you can and keep moving

Few percentage of people lands their dream job immediately after university leave alone joining a dream company or organization. There is no harm in taking up any job offer that you land on as long as you’re not yet working. This will help you facilitate your self while looking for a better job. Avoid putting your self on pressure looking for the right job. Do not simply reject an opportunity because it does not lie in your chosen field or it is not what you studied in university. Focus on building your CV to stand a chance of landing your dream job. First jobs are always not preferred jobs but are good stepping stone to the dream jobs. In the same way, your first salary will only help you in meeting basic needs but not be anything to get you out of poverty.

5. Be willing to learn

Majority of fresher fail to apply for advertised jobs due to lack of minimal qualifications. No employer is looking is an Angele but the best match. Take note of key important skills employer need and match them with yours and apply for the job. It is not easy to get candidate who matches the job 100 perfect so if you meet at least 50 percent of the job requirements, apply for the job and indicate that you are willing to learn.
Employers prefer candidates who are willing to develop their careers to those with 100 percent qualification match.

Looking for first job is always stressful and requires enough strategies and commitments from job seekers. Using these tips will improve your chances of getting job you need for the first experience. The worst mistake to make is to lose hope. It doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen, raise up and keep your job hunt. Don’t fear big cooperate companies. Try your luck and measure up your standards to those multimillion companies.

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