How to smartly get a pay rise at workplace

No any employee would not whish to get a pay rise from his employer. This demand can either be made directly or by going extra miles to prove that you deserves it.

According to Byensi David, an experienced human resource expert, majority of employees makes mistake by expressing their feeling out of desperation. He further asserted that, while it is important for an employee to demand for pay cheque increase, it shouldn’t be done in confrontation with fellow work mates or bosses. He added that while employee might see this as a move to stand tall among others, it put you in bad reviews that will in case lower your chances.

“Threatening to quit just to get a pay rise may get you into trouble, especially if your threat deadline expires and you stay,” he says, noting that this may instead earn you a fine or pay cut as punishment.

Byensi also clarified that demanding high amount of money much higher that all employees doing similar work with you look unserious and money minded especially if there is hardly any justification in terms of your output. He also advised that timing is very critical and wrong timing can dent your chances of landing that pay rise.

“For example, coming up with a pay rise demand when the company has just posted poor results will make you look insensitive.”

Byensi sentiment was enchoed by Judith Nakalema, a senior recruitment consultant with more than 20 years experience.

She advised that setting conditions for your stay may lands you a raw deal when your employer think you are capable of something much more.

“Basing your demand on rumours of what your colleagues are earning will also not help,” Nakalema says.

She further advised the salary earners against using personal expenses like transport cost, school fees, rents as basis of demanding a pay rise. She said such arguments don’t hold water to employers.

What you need to do

To solidly drive your case, Nakalema advises getting new projects or customers on board at time when company is facing hardship financially. She said such with definitely open doors of salary increase.

She further noted that performing above expectations and handling extra assignments will accelerate your chances of getting pay rise.

Making important contributions to team and using your position to improve company’s harvests and making your boss shine will be key in getting pay rise.

“When your boss is appreciated, you are also likely to get rewarded as a payback,” Nakalema says.

She adds that taking over a task everyone is fearing with no extra bonus will make get noticed and lands you pay rise from the employer.

Business coach Isaac Lukwago says getting known as a team influencer by key decision makers can increase your chances of getting pay rise.

“It is hard to get a raise if you only stop at interacting with middle managers who don’t make the final decisions on money,” he says.

He advises that the first step to get pay rise is by improving your visibility to the top management by working on project that has everyone’s attention and doing it perfectly well. He says this will write your name in the company’s good book of record.

“Get good corporate coaching so that every project, presentation and report you touch you will add extra value and have a great impact.”

He said some times you might be required to justify why need the pay rise by tasking you to make business case detailing your achievement over a period of time.

“This should have a background which includes your current salary, growth in position and performance history, which includes reviews, awards and accolades. It should also show and compare your performance and responsibilities against that of others mainly in similar positions. In conclusion, your business case for a pay raise should show why you feel it is justified and what figure you are expecting as a new salary,” he says.

He advises on the need to be patient as you wait for management to take decision on your pay rise. He said pressuring management may make them to have a second thought.

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