Best way to introduce your self during interview

Self-introduction is important and necessary, especially in situations where you have to imagine yourself. Self-introduction goes beyond mentioning your name. There are basic and essential information you need to present yourself.

Today we are going to learn about self-introduction (the answer to this dreaded question ‘Tell me about yourself’) for some of you, maybe it is essential. However, it is very important to present yourself properly. You may need to introduce yourself anywhere without any prior warning.

You may need to introduce yourself to a job interview, event or even meetings. So it is important to be prepared for the right and basic things we have to say. To introduce yourself, you must have written and learned beforehand. In this article, I will guide you through the process and be able to present you correctly in the end. Let’s start with the introduction to self-presentation:

1. Kind regards:
The first thing to say when introducing yourself is a greeting. It can be a formal or informal greeting. Formal greetings include: hello, good morning, good evening, good evening or good day, depending on the time of day. The informal greeting includes: hello, hello, what’s going on, across the hole etc. An official greeting is required for a job interview.

2. Name:
There are several ways to submit your name, such as: I or my contract form, that is, I am your name. For example, I am a gene or a gene. If it’s in front of a large audience, you can say … this (then your name), it’s Jane or Ibrahim. For a job interview, you could say that I am (your name). Your name must be in this order. Your first name and then your name. An example of this …. I’m Jane Patrick.

3. Location:
This is the description of your geographical area, ie where you are or where you live. For example, if you are in a place where people are from different countries, you can say … I remember your nationality. I’m Nigerian. If you come from a place where you find yourself, you can say: I come from (your state). For example, I come from the state of Ondo. If I grew up in a certain place but lived elsewhere, you could say … I was born and raised in Lagos but I live in Enugu or I am originally from Pino State but I live in Port Harcourt.

4. Position and company:
This is part of the introduction where the speaker says where he works / works and the position he occupies. For example, I work in Amazon / in the accounting department. I am a manager at Shell. If you want to mention your specific position, you can say … I work as an accountant. Note: used in / for company +. Please do not use “in”

5. Qualifications:
You can add your qualifications, especially for a job interview. Examples: I am an English language student / I have a BA degree in mass communication.

6. Experience:
If you want to talk about your previous posts, you can say … I have (several) years of experience in the field (profession). Examples: I have five years of sales experience. I worked in education for ten years.

7. Hobbies:
You can promote your hobbies, the things you enjoy. For example, I am a big fan of football. I love dance classes. I like to read, etc.

8. Age:
Although age is optional, it is important to know how to say it. If you’re specific, you say … I’m 22 years old. If you don’t want to be specific, you can say: I’m in my first decade / middle / late +. For example, I’m in my mid-twenties or in my late forties. For teens, you could say … I’m a teenager.

This is what my introduction will look like with basic and optional information from the above information:

Good morning everyone! My name is Akello. I’m 22 years old. I come from Gulu, I am a content writer. I am a graduate of English. I’m a fan of sports.

It would be much better if you summarize your sentence in two flowing sentences:

Good morning everyone! My name is Jane and I am a 22 year old English graduate at Kano State. I am a content writer and great sports fanatic.

The short version is a better and naturally subjective introduction. See if you can condense your information in two sentences and post it in the comments section. I will help if needed. I hope this information provides you properly without any problems ..

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