Best way to be the employee companies fight to hire

Odaga Joseph, a secondary teacher by profession, joined a tour company as a tour guide after trying several times but failed to get a well paying job in lines with his area of specialization.

Odaga had never in his life dreamt of working with tour company, but he decided to take the opportunity availed to him with a positive attitude and an open mind.

He spent most part of his first year on job trying to learn and understand his new unlearned profession and understanding the dynamics at tourism industry.

Despite the hardships he encountered, he had one advantage at his side, the flexibility and diligently executed numerous other work tasks that were assigned to him. Within a period of just 3 years, Odaga climbed through the ladder to the position of Operations Manager.

His colleagues admired him and appreciated his methods of work. In his new position as an Operations manager, he made a direct and positive impact on his customers, co-workers and the tour company. He came up with great and simple ideas that made working conditions at the company more favourable to everyone within the company. The company performance grew within the next few years under his leadership. This impressive growth and performance earned him a higher position at the head office.

At company’s head office, his presence in the management meeting was very invaluable. He always came up with brilliant and great ideas that later improved company performance at all level. He dedicated extra times to ensure the company tasks are accomplished. When Odaga was offered a higher paying job by an International Organisation, the company‚Äôs top management worked tirelessly to persuade him to stay by tripling his salary and increasing his benefits.

You might have that feeling that your lies at employer’s hand but it is you who have the key to unlock your career door and becomes an employee whose every company want to have. Any employee who do not go extra miles are not hiring manager’s favourite. A company can easily decide to live without employees who do only little work.

You should always look for ways to bring up new ideas on the table. Complete your assignments in less time possible and do it perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether you love the job or not. Each single day that you step at your work place, you have an opportunity to make yourself invaluable. The choice is in your hands.

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